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Nail Piercings

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Who remembers nail piercings? They were all the range when we were younger and you definitely weren’t cool if you didn’t have at least one. We’re fans of anything that takes us back to our youth so our head honcho Tammy decided to bring the nail piercing back.  She popped into the AMAZING Swoon Nails to get her nails did, cos you know sometimes its nice for someone else to do your nails for a change and got an amazing custom lilac calgel overlay (with Heart decals from our website, obvz) and a sweeeet silver cross piercing!

What do you think of nail piercings? We were inspired by our fave babes over at Flossgloss, who have been rocking weird and wonderful nail adornments for the past few years.



Ways To Wear: Candy

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
DIY Nails Candy
Sickly-cute, sassy and a little bit rude. We paired tough accessories and cutesy colours to compliment our new Candy decals.  All product info available on our Polyvore and the Candy set is available to buy from our for £6!