Henna & Body Art

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

We at DIY Nails are obsessed with the amazing art of Henna. Well you know how much we love to decorate ourselves! And along with decorating our nails we occasionally decorate our body. We have been known to get a tattoo or two but Henna is WAY cheaper and its a far smaller decision to get some temporary body art. We just LOVE henna. Well; we love every kind of body adornment. Our bodies are blank canvases why wouldn’t you want to decorate them.

We recently got some AMAZING henna done by the super talented Sadia from @heenatastic and we recommend that all you Glasgow ladies check her out! This particular product is all natural henna, which the lovely Sadia informed us is much better for you body and lasts just as long (around two weeks) as chemically formed substitutes. Can you also spot Tammy’s cheeky nail piercing? More on that later though…



Fancy decorating your body, then get some henna done! Or if you’re not a fan why not give our Paisley Print decals a try. Just for that Henna feel. Our decals are easy to apply, all your need is water and a clear topcoat. You can even use them as temporary tattoos on your cuticles and around your eyes, cool huh?!

Paisley Print

Create paisley print nails and extend the design to your fingers with these amazing decals/cuticle tattoos.

Have you guys ever had Henna done? We’d love to see. Post a photo and tag us with #diynailshenna


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