Pizza month!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


We at DIY Nails LOVE pizza, well who doesn’t. So to celebrate our undying love for all that cheesy carb goodness we decided to discount our Junk food decals.  Showing love in the best way we know, we are giving our beloved customers 20% off our Junk food decals all month. So grab some decals and order a pizza!!!

Junk Food

Our FAB ‘Junk Food’ Nail Decals 20% off this month

Our Nail Decals are super easy to apply and perfect for those who either don’t have the time or patience for nail art. Get your favourite tasty treats at your fingertips, with these junk food favs. Is your favourite junk food snack missing from our ‘Junk Food’ nail decals? Well don’t fret you can make your own custom nail decals on our website with your very own tasty guilty pleasure. Go check it out: Custom Nail Decals

But back to PIZZA here are some fun filled pizza facts:

  • Some popular pizza toppings in Japan are squid and Mayo Jaga (mayonaise, potato and bacon)
  • Pizza Hut made a pizza delivery to the International Space Station in 2001. They paid the Russians $1 million to transport the Pizza and even make a commercial from it.
  • NASA is developing 3D printers that can print pizzas for astronauts
  • 36 percent of all pizza orders want their pizza topping pepperoni
  • In America, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second.
  • There is a pizza place in Alaska that delivers pizzas by plane
  • 36% of people consider pizza the perfect breakfast



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