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Amy Hill: Nancy Mc Randoms

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Details on how you can get involved can be found below.

Did you catch our first “guest” post with Ellie? Well pretty soon after it hit the blog, the lovely Amy contacted us and we just had to send her some decals to see what she came up with! We’ve since found out that she’s actually a fantastic writer and now have her on board to help with lots of fun content for you guys – thank you internet!

“Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some kick ass companies, producing copy for fashion and beauty led features, ad campaigns and newsletters, as well as handling client communications, social media activity and even assisting with art direction.”

The Nancy Mc Randoms set were the perfect choice for Amy as they suit her cute sense of style and amazing sense of humour.


DIY Nails 1 DIY Nails 2 DIY Nails 3 DIY Nails 4 DIY Nails 5 DIY Nails 6 DIY Nails 7 DIY Nails 8

 You can get your very own set of Nancy Mc: Randoms for £6 from our website,

Nacy Mc - Random

We’re all about celebrating creativity and individuality here at DIY Nails. Our designs create endless nail art opportunities and we just love seeing the way our customers style their decals. Since you lot seem to do a much better job at taking photos of your nails than we ever could, we’ve decided to gift a set of decals to girls (and boys!) who embody each of our sets in return for photos to plaster all over social media, fully credited obz.