We ♥ Nancy Mc

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

“How cool would it be if we made decals that made it look like you’d drawn on someone’s nails?”

Tammy And Nancy Final copyI’ve been a long time follower/fangirl of Nancy Mc so when she commented on one of my instagram photos saying (in between a million emojis) that we should collaborate, I couldn’t contain my excitement! After we worked at a couple of events together, Nancy came up to DIY HQ for a week and we got down to business.

There were a lot of Percy Pigs consumed while we were brainstorming and after a sketchbook full of drawings we finally decided that we would do two sets of decals, one with lots of different little “Nancy” drawings and a Cake Decorating Kit.

Who doesn’t need a Cake Decorating Kit for their nails, right?! The piped icing, sprinkles and jazzies were all inspired by this nail set and our love of cake. We really liked the idea of giving you all the elements to create your own design. Nancy drew all the vector illustrations on her iPad and I coloured and collated them into the decal sheet you see today  -we’re a good team huh!

McNails are one of my favourite decal sets, ever! Did you know that every image in the McNails set was hand drawn by Nancy with nail pens and nail polish? We came up with the idea after realising that little vector drawings of her designs would lose their Nancy Mc charm and I think the results are amazing. When you put the decals on it’s properly like you’ve had a bit of McLovin’ on your nails!

Here’s the original sheet that Nancy drew on, cool right? She sketched some ideas on paper and we sandwiched it between a laminating sheet so she could use nail pens to colour and line all her drawings. The pictures above are from the first attempt, but miss McNails is a perfectionist and decided to do a second sheet, which we both ended up being happier with! I took all the images, scanned them in, turned them into vectors and hey presto, the perfect decal set!


Check out Nancy’s amazing nail art on her instagram (@nancy_mc) and website.

And shop our super cute collaboration here:

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