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DIY Nails for ASOS

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

I could write a huuuge post about how thrilled we are to be stocked by ASOS but I think the achievement speaks for itself so I’mma keep it short and sweet!

Now, not only are we stocked on the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, but we had the chance to create three exclusive lines for them too! I worked together with our buyer to create these designs and I am so, so proud of them.

What’s your favourite set? Are you a Burger & Fries kinda girl or are you more into designing your own tartan? You can pick up Fast Food, Tartan and Slogan decals from ASOS for only £6, along with loads of our other styles!


Little Book Transfers

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Well, we’re feeling pretty happy in the office today, thanks to our beautiful new wall mural from Little Book Transfers!

LBT is a collaboration between three Visual Art graduates: Mairi HutchinsonNikki McGuigan and Hollie Russell, who specialise in large scale visual promotion. I was lucky enough to meet the girls last summer when we shared a space at somewhereto_ in Glasgow and it’s been amazing to watch them work together and grow so quickly as a collective, their work is out of this world and they’re definitely ones to watch!

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 17.20.55

It was so cool watching Mairi, Nikki and Hollie work together so effortlessly. I told them to do whatever they wanted and said I liked hands and pink and I don’t think I could have been happier with the end result. Say hello to Carmen the flamingo and her headdress full of fruit surprises!

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 17.12.39

Keep your eyes peeled for a little suhin’ suhin’ between us soon, but until then, why not call up the girls to draw all over your walls? I think their illustrations would be amazing in a house, imagine a big mural in your hallway, bedroom or living room!

(all photos copyright to Little Book Transfers 2014)

BBC Radio 1 Academy: The Only Way Is Business

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

I was super honoured recently to be asked by BBC Radio One to take part in The Only Way Is Business, a panel chat based around owning and running your own business, at their recent Radio One Academy in Glasgow.

I joined Sheri Scott of Forever Yours Betty and Betty & Bee, Mhairi and Chloe from Bebaroque and the lovely Sam Faiers from Minnie’s Boutique (and TOWIE!) to chat about everything ‘bizniz’.

It was a great opportunity to tell people about the trials and tribulations of starting up a business and the determination it takes to keep it running, as well as sharing success stories. It was so interesting to find out that even though the other girls have very different products and platforms from me (Bebaroque have dressed Beyonce and Lady Gaga!) we all shared the same experiences.

I caught up with Sam before we started and she loved the Joey Essex decals I had made for her, even asking me to put them on there and then!

Thanks so much to everyone who came down to speak to us and if you have any questions about starting up a new business, pop me over an email –

Friends In America

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

I met the lovely Hannah Currie last year, while doing a few nail jobs for STV, and it turned out that we had a few mutual friends. So when I heard she was shooting the Friends In America video for “The More I Have, The Less I Own (The More I Learn, The Less I Know) and needed people to take part, I jumped at the chance!

We were all asked to bring along our most prized possession/favourite object so I brought along my French Bulldog (and love of my life) Betty and managed to convince my friends Emma and Sofie to take part too.

The whole video was shot in front of a giant green screen in Flat 0/1 and we just loved being part of such a great video for such a lovely song!

Can you spot us?

Thanks to Stuart Downie at ISD Images for the lovely photos!

4CF With Love

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Just Breathe: Our American friend, Patrick, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. As he progresses into the end stage of the disease, there are no more options left and a double lung transplant is necessary for survival. For Patrick every breath has become a battle; and every treasured second has become a win.


Patrick’s wonderful partner, Nicole Buckley, has been tirelessly raising money for the operation (as well as heightening awareness for Cystic Fibrosis) with “Patricks Breath of New Life”, a fundraiser on GiveForward. She also set up 4CF With Love, an on line store selling items relating to CF with all profits going towards the cause.

82ZI3BRuRsuPknalXcZcUw We teamed up with our friend, and amazing nail artist Nancy Mc to create a set of CF Awareness Nail Decals for 4CF With Love. Nancy designed the Cystic Fibrosis images of lungs,needles, pills and the purple ribbon in her famous, cartoon style. The set also features doiley hearts, roses, the 4CF logo and the word breathe.


Picture courtesy of @nancy_mc

Please follow @4CFwith love, share this photo and go to and buy these nail decals for $10 (or any of the other amazing 4CF products) or donate to Patrick’s Breath Of New Life.

Let’s get this wonderful man some new lungs!

We ♥ Nancy Mc

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

“How cool would it be if we made decals that made it look like you’d drawn on someone’s nails?”

Tammy And Nancy Final copyI’ve been a long time follower/fangirl of Nancy Mc so when she commented on one of my instagram photos saying (in between a million emojis) that we should collaborate, I couldn’t contain my excitement! After we worked at a couple of events together, Nancy came up to DIY HQ for a week and we got down to business.

There were a lot of Percy Pigs consumed while we were brainstorming and after a sketchbook full of drawings we finally decided that we would do two sets of decals, one with lots of different little “Nancy” drawings and a Cake Decorating Kit.

Who doesn’t need a Cake Decorating Kit for their nails, right?! The piped icing, sprinkles and jazzies were all inspired by this nail set and our love of cake. We really liked the idea of giving you all the elements to create your own design. Nancy drew all the vector illustrations on her iPad and I coloured and collated them into the decal sheet you see today  -we’re a good team huh!

McNails are one of my favourite decal sets, ever! Did you know that every image in the McNails set was hand drawn by Nancy with nail pens and nail polish? We came up with the idea after realising that little vector drawings of her designs would lose their Nancy Mc charm and I think the results are amazing. When you put the decals on it’s properly like you’ve had a bit of McLovin’ on your nails!

Here’s the original sheet that Nancy drew on, cool right? She sketched some ideas on paper and we sandwiched it between a laminating sheet so she could use nail pens to colour and line all her drawings. The pictures above are from the first attempt, but miss McNails is a perfectionist and decided to do a second sheet, which we both ended up being happier with! I took all the images, scanned them in, turned them into vectors and hey presto, the perfect decal set!


Check out Nancy’s amazing nail art on her instagram (@nancy_mc) and website.

And shop our super cute collaboration here:

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